Kalafina -「One Light」 tracklists, coverarts, TV CM, and more!

Last week, the staff uploaded the cover arts and reveaved the tracklists as well for Kalafina’s upcoming 18th single ‘One Light’

This single will be used as the 2nd ending theme for TV anime series ‘Arslan Senki’ Btw, heres the tracklists:

Kalafina -「One Light」

CD Tracklist
Limited & Regular Edition:

  1. One Light
    2. Mahiru (真昼; Midday)
    3. Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に; when the early summer rain has passed)
    4. One Light ~instrumental~

Anime Edition
1. One Light
2. Mahiru (真昼; Midday)
3. Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に; when the early summer rain has passed)
4. One Light ~TV size~

DVD and BD Tracklist:
Limited Edition
1. One Light (Music Video)

Anime Edition
1. Arslan Senki ED 2 ~TV size~ (creditless video)

Release Date: 2015.08.12

Regular Edition (CD only) cover:

Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)


Limited Edition B (CD+BD)


Vinyl/Anime Edition (CD+DVD)


Moreover, 「One Light」TV ver. was aired today for Arslan Senki TV Episode 13.5 – アルスラーン戦記 13.5話, and its TV CM is also out!

you may view it here: https://www.facebook.com/Kalafina.fanpage/videos/1088405907855899
and here’s the video link for the TV CM: https://www.facebook.com/Kalafina.fanpage/videos/1088439557852534/

WHAT A BADASS COVERS! There is a 3-hand Wakana mistake done (regular edition cover), and suddenly fixed afterwards XD. I actually like the single when I first heard the TV ver. I didn’t expect it to be an upbeat song XD And of course, the anime film was nice since Arslan also looks badass in there (and there’s too many birds, lol XD)
And that short PV clip really catches my attention, gosh!, they looked so hot in there. its title was ‘One Light’ but it has a dark-themed PV, how ironic! XD Overall, i like it that I really feel excited for its release!

Please support them by buying their music!
Kalafina – 「One Light」
pre-order link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SECL-1745


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