Kalafina’s 5th album 「far on the water 」Coverarts, Tracklists and more!

Hmm, yesterday, the promotional photo as well as the coverarts for Kalafina’s 5th studio album 「far on the water 」has been uploaded by the Staff on their LINE blog (lol, I had a feeling that their official Oricon blog doesn’t updated at all! XD) So here it is!


promo pic for 「far on the water 」

Tracklist: (CD)

1. into the water
2. monochrome
3. 五月の魔法 (Gogatsu no Mahou; Magic of May)
4. ring your bell
5. うすむらさき (Usu murasaki; Light Purple)
6. identify
7. 灯影 (Hokage; Flicker of Light)
8. One Light
9. むすんでひらく (Musunde Hiraku; Open through Connecting)
10. heavenly blue
11. 空色の椅子 (Sorairo no Isu; Blue Chair)
12. believe
13. far on the water

contents for DVD/BD:
01. heavenly blue Music Video
02. far on the water Music Video
03. ring your bell 〜2015.2.28 at 日本武道館〜
04. far on the water 〜2015.3.1 at 日本武道館〜

「far on the water 」coverarts:


◆Regular Edition [CDのみ]
¥3,100(tax in)


◆Limited Edition A[DVD付]
¥3,900(tax in)


◆Limited Edition B[Blu-ray付]
¥4,100(tax in)


◆ Limited Press [Analog Ver.]
¥4,100(tax in)
※Release Date for this edition is on 2015.09.30.

Well, I love these covers!.. I love the Regular and Vinyl covers the most. That big tree in pointillism art style was so cool… it looks so simple, minimalist yet beautiful! yeah, it has typical Kalafina elements– chairs, lamps, nature, etc and I really love it! Cant wait for its release! ❤

Original New album「far on the water」national campaign announced!!

A national campaign has been decided to commemorate the launch of the release of original new album「far on the water」this September 16, 2015. Today we will announce the schedule for each area. Later on, live program appearance information, and the like will be announced soon. Have fun!

2015.09.09 (Wed) Nagoya
2015.09.10 (Thu) Osaka
2015.09.11 (Fri) Sapporo
2015.09.17 (Thu) Fukuoka

In other news, let me remind you the additional Kalafina lives on Hong Kong and Taiwan that you shouldn’t miss!

◆「Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015~2016 “far on the water” in Hong Kong」
Date: 2015.11.07 (Sat)~ 11.08 (Sun)
Venue: Chai Wan Youth Square Y Sougei hall, HongKong
Open:18:30 / Start:19:30 ※Both days
【For Inquiries】kalafinahk2015@ed-production.com.hk
◆「Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015~2016 “far on the water” in Taiwan」
Date: 2016.01.16 (Sat)~ 01.17 (Sun)
Venue: ATT SHOW BOX, Taiwan
(01.16) Open:18:30 / Start:19:30
(01.17) Open:16:00 / Start:17:00
【For Inquiries】contact@abigart.com / 10:30~19:30
【Ticketing Info】 support@kktix.com / +886-2-2577-0362 / 09:00~18:00

Kalafina 5th album「far on the water 」
Release Date: 2015.09.16


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