I’ve been interested to this Lisani lives for years (it started on 2010) because Im a huge fan of Anisongs and its performers. The artist line up for 2016 were as follows:

2016.01.23 (SATURDAY STAGE)

– 藍井エイル
– スフィア
– 茅原実里
– fhána
– 分島花音
【Extra Artist】早見沙織

2016.01.24 (SUNDAY STAGE)

– 内田真礼
– Aimer
– 川田まみ
– TrySail
– fripSide
– LiSA
【Extra Artist】綾野ましろ


Great set of artists though it still not the best. This time, some of my faves isn’t available for this event I guess. Kalafina has 8th anniv lives on 01/22-23, Nana Mizuki has been busy lately promoting her new album ‘SMASHING ANTHEMS’. While ClariS, JAM PROJECT, T.M.Revolution will not attend this year. Aside from LiSA, Eir, Minorin and Mami Kawada, what interests me most is that Aimer was there! And also, I also started listening to this year’s EXTRA ARTIST Ayano Mashiro and she’s pretty good. So I guess Day 2 is more interesting. haha!


1.23(土):開場 15:00/開演 16:00(予定)
1.24(日):開場 14:00/開演 15:00(予定)

VENUE: Nippon Budokan (日本武道館)

for more info:

Official HP:



4 thoughts on “LISANI LIVE 2016

  1. LiSA, Mashiro Ayano, and Aimer are there? This’ll be good, especially Aimer. Hopefully there is some kind of video. I too wish Kalafina was there, but as you said, 8th anniversary lives are around that time.

    Btw, which year did ClariS attend? I don’t remember them…


    1. sorry for the very late reply lol. XDD
      ClariS attended last year iirc, sadly they didn’t show off their faces haha! and Im also looking forward for some videos, I think it will be aired around Summer this year. 😀

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      1. Oh, no problem ;). I’m hoping that we get another Aimer LIVE performance, because it’s not often we get something Live from her. I’m guessing she did Brave Shine and Last Stardust, and one of the Sawano Hiroyuki singles (RE:I AM or StarRingChild).

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