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Hi everyone! This topic will solely focuses on my own guitar arrangements for my favorite Jpop and Anisong artists. And as you see, I mostly transcribe Yuki Kajiura’s works, particularly Kalafina. 😊

I tried posting the chords here, but unfortunately, WordPress keeps on formatting the text even if you edit the code, resulting to wrong timing in each post.

I’m just an amateur musician so please take these transcripts with a little grain of salt. And again, I only transcribe guitar CHORDS, so please don’t ask for finger tabs, musical scores, midi files and such, cause I don’t have enough time to work for it it lol. I also add chords from fellow musicians and I always credit them accordingly, so don’t worry. Lastly, there were unnoticeable mistakes sometimes so please bear with me and always feel free to correct me! 😉

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Kalafina guitar/piano chords:


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Anime/TV/Movie OST (mostly by Yuki Kajiura):

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Please enjoy these for awhile and stay tuned!


Kalafina – ring your bell Guitar Chords


Kalafina – ring your bell
Description: Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] S2 ED
Key: E/G#
Verse I:
 E                                                          Eb–C#m      B            A   
itsuka kokoro ga kiete iku nara semete koe no kagiri

             G#   F#                   B            E
koufuku to zetsubou no utaitai

              Eb–C#m     F#        B         E–Eb   C#m    
bokura o matsu unmei wa itsudemo   tada

    F#                G            D      E          Bm     C#m      F#
Inochi ga yume o mite kake nukeru ima  no tsuzuki

G#                            G            C                   Fm       Eb
kimi ga naita yoru wa sono nakani tooi mirai no

       C#m          F#             B  
kagayaki o kakushiteta
                               Bb            Eb        G#m      F#    E        B    
Shizukesa ga kimi o  matsu mabushii oka kitto ikeru

C#m                F#   
kimi no chihei e

B                      G               A                 B      E- – –
ring your bell, and raise your song


Verse II:
 E                                                            Eb–C#m        B       A   
kimi ga sonna ni hoshi gatteita  hikari ga kiete iku

                G#      F#               B          E
nando demo sono toki o shitteiru

         Eb–C#m       F#      B         E–Eb   C#m     
aojiroi    michi no ueni tachi   fusagari

F#              G       D      E            Bm      C#m              F#
mirai e iku ashi o tomeru no wa kimi no kokoro dake

Chorus 2:
  G#                               G      C           Fm               Eb       C#m              F#        B  
Yoake wa mada tooi akarui hoshi mo mienai dakara mado o hiraite

                               Bb             Eb  G#m       F#     E                   B      C#m        F#   
Kaze ni nori hibiku darou ashita o yobu kimi no shirabe yami no naka e

ring your bell


G#                              G#-G-Fm           Bb          Eb                   C#-C  
sontia dis adole  imi  altimata disti solmistio atol/solti o atoll camito

(continuing as harmony:)

  C                                                    Fm  Eb             D        Bb  C – C#m   
kimi e to tsuzuiteta michi no kimi kara tsuzuite  iku michi no

                                 F#           G#
Mabushisa wa kitto kienai kara
Last Chorus:
  G#                               G          C                    Fm          Eb          C#m          F#         
kimi ga naita yoru no mukou niwa mada nanimo nai hajimari ga


                              Bb       Eb     G#m     F#      E                 B       C#m    F# 
kaze ni nori kieru darou ashita o yobu kimi no shirabe tooi chihei e

         B               G  
kodama o nokoshite

  B                                                                 A – G   A   B
ring your bell, and raise your song
  B                          G   A    B
ring your bell




Note: Feel free to ask me for questions and correct me if there’s something wrong with my arrangement. I can’t manage to transcribe musical scores or add tabs due to some school stuffs, so I’ll just leave the chords like that XD. And please do not repost this anywhere unless you credit my blog. XD

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