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Hi everyone! This topic will solely focuses on my own guitar arrangements for my favorite Jpop and Anisong artists. And as you see, I mostly transcribe Yuki Kajiura’s works, particularly Kalafina. 😊

I tried posting the chords here, but unfortunately, WordPress keeps on formatting the text even if you edit the code, resulting to wrong timing in each post.

I’m just an amateur musician so please take these transcripts with a little grain of salt. And again, I only transcribe guitar CHORDS, so please don’t ask for finger tabs, musical scores, midi files and such, cause I don’t have enough time to work for it it lol. I also add chords from fellow musicians and I always credit them accordingly, so don’t worry. Lastly, there were unnoticeable mistakes sometimes so please bear with me and always feel free to correct me! 😉

Btw, some links were submitted to Ultimate-guitar site for better variations and transpose functions, and to my tumblr as well, so here ya go:

Kalafina guitar/piano chords:


FictionJunction YUUKA:


Anime/TV/Movie OST (mostly by Yuki Kajiura):

I will update the links on this post whenever I submitted an old or new song, so don’t worry 🙂
Please enjoy these for awhile and stay tuned!


Sony Music Entertainment Japan to Launch a New Label『SACRA MUSIC』

SMEJ (Sony Music Entertainment Japan) is launching a new music label starting in April 2017, and it’s called “SACRA MUSIC”. It will focus on ‘anisong’ artists who are widely expanding their activities not only in Japan but also overseas.

This direct quote from one of the many news articles surfaced online stated:
“They are gathering artists with a wide range of activities overseas aiming for worldwide deployment.”

And also, this new label picked up the anisong industry’s best artists, with 14 groups/solo performers listed below (order arranged according to the announcement):

1. Kalafina
2. ClariS
3. LiSA
5. Sako Tomohisa
6. Kana Hanazawa
7. Haruna Luna
10. SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]
11. Ayano Mashiro
12. TrySail

The official site of “SACRA MUSIC” also stated the following:
“Please look forward to overseas events, live holdings, song releases on a global scale.”

Oh man, I’m definitely looking forward to this! Good thing they included some seiyuus such as Sako Tomohisa and Kana Hanazawa. And Kalafina and ClariS on the top of this list makes me happy lol XD. I just wonder why Aimer, fripSide and others didn’t involved with this. I just hope they’ll perform together here in PH, or else release something new together. Ahhhh! I can’t wait to see how this will turn out! 🙂

SACRA Music Official site:

Artist Lineup for Anisong Fantasy Vol.1 in Singapore and Hong Kong Announced!

Last Friday night on AFA Singapore, big names in Anison industry have been revealed to participate on an all-new event, gathering artists under SME Records “Anisong Fantasy Live” which will be held in 2 cities, Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2017! The details are as follows:


「Anisong Fantasy Live 2017」

[Hong Kong]

Date: March 10, 2017 (Fri.)

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena

Doors Open / Show Start: To be announced


Date: March 18, 2017 (Sat.)

Venue: Big Box

Doors Open / Show Start: 18:00/19:00 (local time)

[Artist Lineup] (both shows)

Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISA, GARNiDELiA, Kalafina, Luna Haruna (in alphabetical order)

[Ticketing Details]

-Hong Kong-

* To be announced soon


●VIP Early Bird

From 26 November 2016, tickets will be available at the Anisong Fantasy Live booth within the grounds of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2016. (Early Bird privileges included)

●Normal sales VIP&GA Tickets

From 28 November 2016, via APACTix (APACTix website:

VIP(Numbered Seating):SGD188*

GA(Free Standing):SGD118*

* APACTix ticket handling fee not included.

AAAHHH!..How come all of my fave artists will perform on the same event! I wish they included Philippines in this special event. If I have enough money and time, I would like fly to Singapore and Hong Kong to watch all of them haha! Specially if there’s Aimer and Kalafina together~Lucky fans indeed! 😀

You may check the official website for further details!
Event Official Website–>

Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A DVD/BD Announced!

The DVD and Blu-ray of Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015〜2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A will be released on June 22,2016.


Jacket cover for Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015〜2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL DVD/BD



Kalafina LIVE TOUR by 2015-2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

Release Date: 2016.06.22
・DVD:SEBL-210 ¥5,800 (Tax-in)
・BD:SEXL-77 ¥6,800(Tax-in)

Note that this item is now available on Sony Music Shop:

Contents: Continue reading

Press Conference Interview with Kalafina in Mexico (2016.02.19) English Translation


Kalafina is a famous Japanese vocal trio created by composer Yuki Kajiura and comprised singers by Wakana, Keiko and Hikaru. They conquered Mexico with their stunning voices accompanied by its symphonic band on February 20, 2016 at El Plaza Condesa at 6:00 pm.

A day of its first performance in the city of Mexico, the vocal trio Kalafina met with various media to talk of their career and their expectations about the Mexican public. Wakana, Keiko and Hikaru came amidst with a round of applause and with a radiant smile on their faces, as they began to answer our questions. Continue reading

Kalafina ARENA LIVE 2016, fotw live in Shanghai, and guests at Shinji Tanimura’s lives in April 2016

Looks like 2016 is one of Kalafina’s busiest year in terms of lives since last year. During their FOTW Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Kalafina announced their first arena live !! Furthermore, a 3-day guest appearances in Shinji Tanimura’s lives and another live in Shanghai had also been announced!

・「Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 (tentative title)」
Date and Venue:
2016.09.10~11 @ World Memorial Hall in Port Island, Kobe 
2016.09.16 ~17 @ Nippon Budokan in Tokyo (wow, its exactly one year since their 5th album release lol XD)

・Shanghai Spring International Music Festival
「Kalafina LIVE 2016 “far on the water” in Shanghai」
Date: 2016.05.10 (Tue)
Venue: Shanghai Culture Square, Shanghai, China
2016.04.08 (Fri) Doors Open:18:30 / Start:19:00
2016.04.09 (Sat) Doors Open:14:30 / Start:15:00
2016.04.10 (Sun) Doors Open:14:30 / Start:15:00
Venue: National Theatre of Japan in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Ticket:¥10,800 (Tax-in・Preschoolers disabled)
Contact: Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (Opens on weekdays 11:00 to 18:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at 10:00 ~ 18:00 )

Kalafina – ring your bell Guitar Chords


Kalafina – ring your bell
Description: Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] S2 ED
Key: E/G#
Verse I:
 E                                                          Eb–C#m      B            A   
itsuka kokoro ga kiete iku nara semete koe no kagiri

             G#   F#                   B            E
koufuku to zetsubou no utaitai

              Eb–C#m     F#        B         E–Eb   C#m    
bokura o matsu unmei wa itsudemo   tada

    F#                G            D      E          Bm     C#m      F#
Inochi ga yume o mite kake nukeru ima  no tsuzuki

G#                            G            C                   Fm       Eb
kimi ga naita yoru wa sono nakani tooi mirai no

       C#m          F#             B  
kagayaki o kakushiteta
                               Bb            Eb        G#m      F#    E        B    
Shizukesa ga kimi o  matsu mabushii oka kitto ikeru

C#m                F#   
kimi no chihei e

B                      G               A                 B      E- – –
ring your bell, and raise your song


Verse II:
 E                                                            Eb–C#m        B       A   
kimi ga sonna ni hoshi gatteita  hikari ga kiete iku

                G#      F#               B          E
nando demo sono toki o shitteiru

         Eb–C#m       F#      B         E–Eb   C#m     
aojiroi    michi no ueni tachi   fusagari

F#              G       D      E            Bm      C#m              F#
mirai e iku ashi o tomeru no wa kimi no kokoro dake

Chorus 2:
  G#                               G      C           Fm               Eb       C#m              F#        B  
Yoake wa mada tooi akarui hoshi mo mienai dakara mado o hiraite

                               Bb             Eb  G#m       F#     E                   B      C#m        F#   
Kaze ni nori hibiku darou ashita o yobu kimi no shirabe yami no naka e

ring your bell


G#                              G#-G-Fm           Bb          Eb                   C#-C  
sontia dis adole  imi  altimata disti solmistio atol/solti o atoll camito

(continuing as harmony:)

  C                                                    Fm  Eb             D        Bb  C – C#m   
kimi e to tsuzuiteta michi no kimi kara tsuzuite  iku michi no

                                 F#           G#
Mabushisa wa kitto kienai kara
Last Chorus:
  G#                               G          C                    Fm          Eb          C#m          F#         
kimi ga naita yoru no mukou niwa mada nanimo nai hajimari ga


                              Bb       Eb     G#m     F#      E                 B       C#m    F# 
kaze ni nori kieru darou ashita o yobu kimi no shirabe tooi chihei e

         B               G  
kodama o nokoshite

  B                                                                 A – G   A   B
ring your bell, and raise your song
  B                          G   A    B
ring your bell




Note: Feel free to ask me for questions and correct me if there’s something wrong with my arrangement. I can’t manage to transcribe musical scores or add tabs due to some school stuffs, so I’ll just leave the chords like that XD. And please do not repost this anywhere unless you credit my blog. XD

Find other Kalafina chords here — >

Far on the Water Vocals scores is now out! For those who are interested, you may get your copy now here. 😀

[Lyrics] credits to:

Kalafina 5th album「far on the water」Review

Far on the water promo pic

Well, its been a long time since by last post on this blog due to busy school schedule hehe. But now that I managed to listen to Kalafina’s 5th album ‘far on the water’, here’s my review:

01. into the water

So this is the ‘overture’ of this album just like what their albums usually have. It has a feeling that best describes “Welcome to the world of Kalafina.” Great vocals from them as usual but not as enchanting as ‘al fine’ from Consolation album. Well, it’s a great intro, imo.

  1. monochrome

When I first heard this song, It was a little bit weird and I was amazed on how the electric guitar and accordion played together. I love accordion so much that’s why I immediately loved this track! That Hikaru verses, plus a solo Keiko line before Wakana’s chorus was pretty amazing just like a colorful song which describes best for the song. That instrumental was sooo great! Overall, this is one of my fave track from this album.

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