Kalafina 5th album「far on the water」Review

Far on the water promo pic

Well, its been a long time since by last post on this blog due to busy school schedule hehe. But now that I managed to listen to Kalafina’s 5th album ‘far on the water’, here’s my review:

01. into the water

So this is the ‘overture’ of this album just like what their albums usually have. It has a feeling that best describes “Welcome to the world of Kalafina.” Great vocals from them as usual but not as enchanting as ‘al fine’ from Consolation album. Well, it’s a great intro, imo.

  1. monochrome

When I first heard this song, It was a little bit weird and I was amazed on how the electric guitar and accordion played together. I love accordion so much that’s why I immediately loved this track! That Hikaru verses, plus a solo Keiko line before Wakana’s chorus was pretty amazing just like a colorful song which describes best for the song. That instrumental was sooo great! Overall, this is one of my fave track from this album.

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