Pop Duo ClariS Unmask at Pacifico Yokohama Concert For First Time!

ClariS, one of the popular anison acts under Sacra Music label, were known for performing anime songs under their avatar as shown below (also former member Alice):


At the encore  of their “ClariS 2nd HALL CONCERT in Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Sayonara no Saki e …Hajimaru no Melody” concert, ClariS (Clara and Karen) – who are known for performing live while wearing masks – unexpectedly removed their masks and greeted their audience for the first time with their faces revealed. The concert was held on at the Pacifico Yokohama venue in Nishi Ward, Yokohama last September 16, 2017.


After singing the 19th song of the set, “Sayonara wa Iwanai” (“Don’t Say Good-bye”), Clara and Karen fired up the stage. They returned later to perform the song “Prism” without their masks on. The audience screamed in excitement after witnessing the reveal. Shortly after, the group became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter.


During the encore, Clara stated that she was happy to finally truly meet her fans after performing masked for more than seven years. Karen observed that she was a little nervous and embarrassed about removing the mask, but also very happy to have done it. It was also revealed that the entirety of the concert program, including the unmasking, was planned by Clara and Karen. Sweet indeed!


Official photographs of the two from the concert showing their faces were not available, unfortunately.

To be honest, I don’t mind them revealing their faces since I became a fan of them for more than five years because of their music, not looks. But as I watched their first Nippon Budokan concert BD/DVD with their masks on, I find them very cute and pretty hardworking young artists. At the same time, I also wanted to see them with revealed faces for I would like to see them singing with emotions, for an artists’s face expression while performing live is kind of important to engage with the audience imo. For now, let’s wait for another live photobook to release soon, (PLS RELEASE THE UNMASKED PICS LOL) and it would be better if they also included Alice cause I really miss her. T_T

Source: Ota-suke 



Aimer to Release Two Best of Collection Albums and First Nippon Budokan Concert Announced!

After celebrating five years in the music industry, anisong songstress Aimer is set to release her Best of Collection albums in May this year!

The Best of collection will be released as two different CDs, titled BEST SELECTION ‘blanc’ and BEST SELECTION ‘noir’ – a reflection of the name of her official fanclub, Blanc et Noir. Each CD will be released in three different editions as well: Limited Edition A will come with the music CD and Blu-ray disc, while Limited Edition B will come with the music CD and DVD. The regular edition will come with just the music CD. The coverarts for her best collection albums has been unveiled as shown below:

From left to right: The covers for BEST COLLECTION ‘blanc’ Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition. 

The tracklists of two CDs has also been revealed on her official site.  The songs are organised and arranged in such a way that there will be a theme to both blanc and noir. ‘blanc’ will mostly contain heartfelt ballads and hits such as Akane Sasu and bouncier songs like Kataomoi while ‘noir’ will have upbeat and powerful songs such as LAST STARDUST and insane dream.

From left to right: noir’s Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition

Video content for the DVD and Bluray would be composed of music clips and selected performances from Aimer’s performances of Aimer Hall Tour 2016 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A last November 6, 2016.

In addition with this release, each part of the collection will come with a newly recorded songs which will be announced at a later date.

Aimer’s first best collection albums are scheduled to release on May 3, 2017.

And finally! What excites me most is the announcement of her very first concert at prestigious Nippon Budokan!! AAAAAH! Well, I noticed that most Sony artists who releases their BEST albums usually decided to hold notable concerts like this, Kalafina or ClariS for example. But I’m hoping for a BD/DVD release since I can’t attend in August due to school huhu T_T. It sucks right? Can’t wait for this! Here’s some details, btw:

Aimer Live in Budokan ( 武道館)”blanc et noir”

Venue: Nippon Budokan
Open: Start:18:00/19:00
Ticket: ¥6,500 (tax-in)

Official site: http://www.aimer-web.jp/

Artist Lineup for Anisong Fantasy Vol.1 in Singapore and Hong Kong Announced!

Last Friday night on AFA Singapore, big names in Anison industry have been revealed to participate on an all-new event, gathering artists under SME Records “Anisong Fantasy Live” which will be held in 2 cities, Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2017! The details are as follows:


「Anisong Fantasy Live 2017」

[Hong Kong]

Date: March 10, 2017 (Fri.)

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena

Doors Open / Show Start: To be announced


Date: March 18, 2017 (Sat.)

Venue: Big Box

Doors Open / Show Start: 18:00/19:00 (local time)

[Artist Lineup] (both shows)

Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISA, GARNiDELiA, Kalafina, Luna Haruna (in alphabetical order)

[Ticketing Details]

-Hong Kong-

* To be announced soon


●VIP Early Bird

From 26 November 2016, tickets will be available at the Anisong Fantasy Live booth within the grounds of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2016. (Early Bird privileges included)

●Normal sales VIP&GA Tickets

From 28 November 2016, via APACTix (APACTix website:http://www.apactix.com/)

VIP(Numbered Seating):SGD188*

GA(Free Standing):SGD118*

* APACTix ticket handling fee not included.

AAAHHH!..How come all of my fave artists will perform on the same event! I wish they included Philippines in this special event. If I have enough money and time, I would like fly to Singapore and Hong Kong to watch all of them haha! Specially if there’s Aimer and Kalafina together~Lucky fans indeed! 😀

You may check the official website for further details!
Event Official Website–> http://anisongfantasy.com

Which Artist/Group Will Most Likely to Perform in Opening/Closing Ceremony of 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Olympics?

The hype is real for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Japan will surely make it great and most memorable as well. And recently, people gets more excited as usual and they seemed to promote their favorite personalities to be part of that prestigious event. So several unofficial polls started to float around the internet like this and this and the fans will just go with the flow lol.


But does that poll results will affect the official lineup for the Olympics? The answer is probably no. The official poll (if there is) should be featured on the Tokyo Olympic’s official site or at least the organizers will nominate the most deserving artists that should represent Japan and then publish a poll on its official site, not on any other blog sites.

All I can say is that the Olympics organizers, Japanese government, specially Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will most likely to choose which artist/group shall perform for the pride of Japan.

These perhaps were the best option or possibility on how Japan will choose which artists will going to perform in such a great world event: Continue reading

Haruna Luna and INKT to perform in the Philippines for the first time

Yay! BOA2016 official facebook page just announced their set of guests performers this September. Who did you guess will take the stage this year at The Best of Anime 2016?


They are no other than INKT led by Koki Tanaka, former member of KAT-TUN managed by Johnny’s Entertainment and one of my personal favorite AniSong singer Haruna Luna! I dunno what to do haha! Maybe I’ll go for Haruna Luna this time haha.  Continue reading

Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol. # 13 ~ featuring SWORD ART ONLINE ~ full list of Performers announced!

The full list of performers for Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol. # 13 ~ featuring SWORD ART ONLINE ~ has been decided!

And yet, it has also been announced that Keiko will not participate this time due to health reasons (mild bronchitis),and her attending physician decided that she should rest and concentrate on taking her treatment over that period of time. Remember last January that the FJC flier doesn’t include KEIKO in the list of performers. So I really hope she was fine for her upcoming Kalafina lives. 🙂


Event: 「Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#13 ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~」
Date and Venue:
March 21, 2016 – Open:16:00/Start: 17:00 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A
March 26, 2016 – Open:17:15/Start: 18:00 at NHK Hall in Osaka
March 27, 2016 – Open:15:15/Start: 17:00 at NHK Hall in Osaka

Piano・Keyboard: Yuki Kajiura
Guitar:Korenaga Koichi
Drums:Kyoichi Sato
Bass:Takahashi “Jr Tomoharu
Strings/Violin:Hitoshi Konno Strings
Flute:Akagi Rie
Percussion:Nakajima Obawo
Manipulator:Oohira Yoshio
Horn:Okamoto Akira・Niwa Hiroki


For ticket inquiries: http://bit.ly/1V00e58
source: http://spacecraft.co.jp/fjc/info.html

Kalafina ARENA LIVE 2016, fotw live in Shanghai, and guests at Shinji Tanimura’s lives in April 2016

Looks like 2016 is one of Kalafina’s busiest year in terms of lives since last year. During their FOTW Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Kalafina announced their first arena live !! Furthermore, a 3-day guest appearances in Shinji Tanimura’s lives and another live in Shanghai had also been announced!

・「Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 (tentative title)」
Date and Venue:
2016.09.10~11 @ World Memorial Hall in Port Island, Kobe 
2016.09.16 ~17 @ Nippon Budokan in Tokyo (wow, its exactly one year since their 5th album release lol XD)

・Shanghai Spring International Music Festival
「Kalafina LIVE 2016 “far on the water” in Shanghai」
Date: 2016.05.10 (Tue)
Venue: Shanghai Culture Square, Shanghai, China
2016.04.08 (Fri) Doors Open:18:30 / Start:19:00
2016.04.09 (Sat) Doors Open:14:30 / Start:15:00
2016.04.10 (Sun) Doors Open:14:30 / Start:15:00
Venue: National Theatre of Japan in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Ticket:¥10,800 (Tax-in・Preschoolers disabled)
Contact: Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (Opens on weekdays 11:00 to 18:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at 10:00 ~ 18:00 )


I’ve been interested to this Lisani lives for years (it started on 2010) because Im a huge fan of Anisongs and its performers. The artist line up for 2016 were as follows:

2016.01.23 (SATURDAY STAGE)

– 藍井エイル
– スフィア
– 茅原実里
– fhána
– 分島花音
【Extra Artist】早見沙織

2016.01.24 (SUNDAY STAGE)

– 内田真礼
– Aimer
– 川田まみ
– TrySail
– fripSide
– LiSA
【Extra Artist】綾野ましろ


Great set of artists though it still not the best. This time, some of my faves isn’t available for this event I guess. Kalafina has 8th anniv lives on 01/22-23, Nana Mizuki has been busy lately promoting her new album ‘SMASHING ANTHEMS’. While ClariS, JAM PROJECT, T.M.Revolution will not attend this year. Aside from LiSA, Eir, Minorin and Mami Kawada, what interests me most is that Aimer was there! And also, I also started listening to this year’s EXTRA ARTIST Ayano Mashiro and she’s pretty good. So I guess Day 2 is more interesting. haha!


1.23(土):開場 15:00/開演 16:00(予定)
1.24(日):開場 14:00/開演 15:00(予定)

VENUE: Nippon Budokan (日本武道館)

for more info: http://www.lisani.jp/news/id129291

Official HP: http://www.lisani.jp/live/